Monday, 10 September 2012

Sweet Chirp

SWAY'S Shelf, Stool (with 4 animations), Candles, Picture Frame (mesh) - at Home and Garden Market (collect all with cheap prices as 25L) - NEW!

SWAY'S Bird Hotel [Chirp] mesh - 150L - NEW! (only 2 Li)

SWAY'S Guitar: part of Lawn Chair [Love] Pink & Red 

SWAY'S Clocks: Sway's [Sixty] Clock (4 colours, 2 sizes, works with SL time) - 75L 

Sway's [Piggy Bank] Survivor Pastel - yellow - for Arcade Gatcha (starts 15th September, i'll update this post with landmark) - coming soon...

-Hanaya- Pigeons and Birds: part of -Hanaya- Cedar Bird Feeder Set (mesh) - NEW!