Saturday, 2 April 2011

More about Project Fur Japan


1. ScatterBraiN - The Raptor Streetrod: Vanilla Ice (by Giddeon Oh)
2. ScatterBraiN - The Bopper Custom Bobber (by Giddeon Oh)


3. ScatterBraiN - The Raptor Streetrod: Hot Rod (by Giddeon Oh)
4. ScatterBraiN -  Norfield Trooper  Civi Edt. (by Giddeon Oh)

5. ScatterBraiN - The Odin Cruiser HighRoller Edition (by Giddeon Oh)


6.  ScatterBraiN - The Phoenix Custom (by Giddeon Oh)

The price of this motos has been reduced by 500L of the normal price only for this event so don't miss a chance to get a ride and good travel in sl!


 Paris' Island Punch Cat Tree and Paris' Coastal Bay Kitty Bed Brown (by Paris Rain)

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